This is here you'll find resources on Internet safety (passwords, Hector dolphin, online grooming/predators).

Play Cyberpigs here:

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Play the Internet password rap...@

Web browsers - kid safe
Kid safe web browsers let kids surf through approved websites safely. They can block objectionable material with parental control access and pop-up blockers. Kid safe web browsers can can block certain objectionable web content, adware and spyware. Different kid safe web browsers have different control settings, you will need to try and test some yourselves first to see what best suits your needs. Here is a list of some popular toddler-safe web browers.
  1. Buddy Browser
  2. Glubble
  3. Kid Zui
  4. Kid Rocket
  5. PikLuk
  6. Kidoz
  7. My Kids Browser
  8. Giddyup 1.0
  9. Kidsplorer