Lesson structure could look like this:

A possible lesson in sequence on the VLN:Digital Citizenship group thread

1. Who are we? Where is our digital footprint? Ko wai au?

2. Immersion: Presentation from Tess

3. Knowledge building: What's the problem anyway, what are the key ideas, what do we want to know?

4. Moral compass activity

5. What are the key messages that speak to me? Who do I think would benefit from hearing these messages?

One key message (Anne places each person into a group based on their key ideas (Cyberbullying, Identity, Internet Safety)
• Don't give info to strangers
• Once its out there you can't get it back/out of your hands
• Keep yours and others identities safe, family and friends safe
• Don't say anything mean to others inline you wouldn't say face to face
• Bullying not our future, Bullying is no good for us, Don't bully it will get out of hand
• Never cyberbully on the Internet
• Never make fake pages on Internet

Create a digital avatar with questions to guide avatar Digital person

6. When I’m online, I want to be seen as…

I want my friends to…

Online, I reckon we should…

7. Research: Getting started, how smart are you?

8 Getting the Facts

and related pages...

9 Create: Inquiry process and intention to create/present

10 Homework - build a digital citizenship agreement online